The pandemic and our need to Shelter in Place instantly changed how many of us work. Suddenly, people who used to sit a desk away are images in a box on a screen. We don’t have the usual tools at our fingertips, and it can feel harder to relate to people. Fortunately, there are many ways to pivot – you can learn new ways to collaborate and work together while staying connected.

Here are just some of the ways we can support you, your team, and your organization:

Virtual Facilitation and Collaboration Tools Experiential Learning in the Virtual World Virtual Staff Retreats
Managing Remote Teams Executive Coaching – Managing Yourself Thought Partnership for Sticky Problems
Centering Equity and Anti-Racism Personal Resilience in Tumultuous Times Teamwork: High Trust during High Uncertainty

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“I felt like our team was in excellent hands with Jennifer. She provided clarity to our process of identifying organizational guiding principles with comfortable pacing and an ability to pivot easily to keep us moving forward. She is a master of engagement in virtual meetings, making our time together as effective as it would be in person, if not more so!”

Meg Domroese, Director, Programs and Impact at Gathering Waters