Every organization has a unique mission, vision and culture. This means organizations also have their own set of unique challenges. When it’s time to bring about real and principled change for your organization, you need customized, evidence-based solutions that are aligned with your values.

That’s why New Leaf Coaching & Consulting co-creates solutions with you, using methods that are grounded in proven scientific research.

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The New Leaf Process

  • Discovery

    Together, we’ll explore your needs, goals, and surface dynamics in your internal and external environment that affect the challenge you’re facing, the change you want to make, or the problem you want to solve. Discovering all of these elements is an essential step to ensure that we have a complete and holistic view of all the dynamics in play.

  • Planning

    Once the whole picture is known, we can develop a more accurate POP (Purpose, Outcomes, Process) to create shared understanding of the scope of the project, including milestones and timeline.

  • Implementation

    The plan is implemented, including formative assessment to course correct if needed.

  • Evaluation

    At key milestones, we facilitate debriefing and reflection to know if goals are being met. The evaluation process can also include summative assessment to measure impact.

  • Sustaining

    This important phase is often overlooked. It’s important to create a plan to ensure that changes are real and enduring, and what began as a good idea actually gets integrated as a new way of being.

This cycle repeats over and over, because the most effective organizations know how to evolve and adapt to ever-changing conditions. Working with New Leaf will elevate your change management skills for future endeavors.

Science-based Methodology

New Leaf Consulting incorporates scientifically proven methods and strategic processes to help your organization make the changes you’re looking for.

  • Wheel of Transformation (Robert Gass)

    A powerful tool that helps individuals, groups and organizations approach transformational change in a holistic and integrated way.

  • Positive Psychology

    A field of science focused on helping individuals and communities optimize the elements that lead them to thrive.

  • Emotional Intelligence

    The ability to be aware of and mindfully manage your own emotions, and to recognize, understand and skillfully respond to the emotions of others.

  • Brain Science

    Understanding how our brains function helps us understand ourselves so we can more effectively relate to, teach, lead and influence others.

  • Mindfulness

    The practice of learning to fully focus on the present moment has tremendous benefits for people. Practicing mindfulness leads to increased well-being, lower rates of anxiety and depression, and more fulfilling relationships. People experience more peace, ease and satisfaction after even small amounts of mindfulness practice.

  • Ecopsychology

    The study of the interplay between humans and the natural world we live in. Ecopsychology allows us to reduce alienation and harm and increase sustainability and connection.

  • Immunity to Change (Kegan and Lahey)

    “The Immunity-to-Change™ (ITC) approach is specifically designed to help individuals, work teams, and organizations make those personal and collective changes that are most important to them– but have proven resistant even to thoughtful plans and heartfelt intentions. The ITC approach was created by Dr. Bob Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey of  Minds at Work and Harvard University. New Leaf Consulting is certified and personally trained by Drs. Kegan and Lahey to facilitate this process.

  • Gestalt Applied Theory

    A psychological approach that provides insight into our ways of being and explains resistance as a necessary and welcome catalyst for change.

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