Changing the world is no small task. It IS hard. It takes time. Imagine the impact you can have with a fully functioning, robust and resilient team. Imagine what it looks like for each individual to live out your organization’s mission and values.

Your big vision is possible.

As a leader, your attention is needed on many fronts, from delivering on annual goals to keeping your donors and volunteers engaged and interested. At the same time, you need to pay attention to the health and resilience within your staff and leadership team. Sometimes, moving your organization forward feels like it takes more time and energy than you have.

That’s where New Leaf Coaching & Consulting comes in. We help your team grow in skills and ability. We can “hold the whole” of a project and keep everyone focused on tasks to completion.  Together, we anticipate roadblocks and recognize when unexpected opportunities arise. We help you to be creative, visionary, strategic, inclusive and effective.

Impact of COVID: We have years of experience with designing engaging, experiential virtual meetings and retreats, and the pandemic honed our skills.  All of our services can be offered virtually to accommodate your remote or hybrid workplace.

Change management & leadership development services by New Leaf
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Implementing and Managing Organizational Change

When it’s time to implement a new strategic plan or organizational priority, the best way forward isn’t always clear. Sometimes during these processes, teams become siloed, communication breaks down, and the pace of change moves faster than the speed of trust.

By using research-based models and strategies for understanding and implementing effective change, we help you map the way forward and facilitate the process, bringing everyone along and achieving results.

“Jennifer is an extremely skilled facilitator who helped us manage an organization wide process, develop our vision, and build camaraderie and unity.”

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Developing High Performing Leaders and Teams

High-performing teams encourage excellence. They debate and challenge ideas in a healthy way, maintain high trust, and share collective responsibility for the success of the organization. Your leadership team meetings can be a place where individuals feel nurtured, free, powerful and effective. Your organizational values become integrated into the way you go about your work, and you have increased capacity to lead strategic initiatives that have lasting impact.

If this is the kind of team you envision, the time and energy you invest will be reclaimed many times over. The cost of an ineffective team is simply too high.

New Leaf Consulting designs engaging, experiential programs that start where your team is at and helps them grow into the team they want to be.

“When it comes to teams working together, Jen knows her stuff. She has worked with hundreds of teams helping them have those much-needed, difficult conversations that push them forward and connect their work to mission and vision. Jen deeply understands how teams work and what they need to perform at a higher level. I highly recommend Jen as a facilitator and leadership consultant.”

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Aligning Culture with Values

What can you do when your organizational values sound great on paper, but are not implemented in daily practice? There is a breakdown between intention and reality, but it’s often not clear where this happens or how to fix it.

The first step in aligning organizational culture with values is awareness, because if you’re not aware something is off center, you can’t shift it. Without awareness of what is actually at play, we can get stuck in cycles of reacting instead of choosing and responding.

We use organizational inquiry processes to understand how the organization is functioning and surface both strengths and tensions. By asking questions–with kindness and compassion–we discover biases, assumptions, and other implicit elements of your culture. Once you are aware of the full picture, you can mindfully and intentionally design strategies that bring your organizational values to life.

“Jennifer created an atmosphere for absolute trust leading to honest and tough conversations. As a result, we did stronger and more creative work than we might have otherwise. She encouraged us to live our values, including transparency and collaboration, fully.”

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Life & Leadership Coaching

You can be the catalyst for your whole team and organization to thrive.

Leaders who develop their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and ability to regulate their actions and emotions have tremendous impact on those around them. Through 1:1 coaching sessions, we help leaders expand their range so they have many ways of being and relating available to them. We partner with you to identify and attain your personal and professional goals. Our coaching draws from positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence research and is grounded in compassion, honesty, and deep belief in your capacity for growth.

“Working with Jennifer as my coach has been a very valuable experience. She does a masterful job of establishing trust and intimacy. She encouraged my own self-discovery and created an opportunity for me to ‘think out loud.’ The most valuable lesson I learned through this coaching process was that transformation lies not in changing who I am, but in recognizing all that I am and my values.”