Waking Up to Your Worth

Ten Touchstones for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

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What Readers Are Saying

Barbara Bousted   Waking Up to Your Worth is such an incredibly moving and insightful book.  As a former therapist, this is the book I wish I had been able to refer to clients and colleagues! I highly recommend Waking Up to Your Worth for everyone who wants to look deeper into their lives in order to not just heal themselves but to impact others around them.

Sandra Grace, Owner and Publisher Oh! Woman Magazine  I ask all of my clients to read this book. Waking Up To Your Worth is clearly written. It was as if I was reading my own story and here were just different characters. By the end of the book I understood my own insecurities that I had been battling for most of my life. 

Dr. Amy Climer 
This book is excellent! Jennifer Wilson shares a perfect balance of personal stories and learnings to help us overcome Imposter Syndrome. I’m a coach who works with entrepreneurs. I see Imposter Syndrome plague many successful, smart, brilliant professionals. I’ve been victim of it myself. This book will become a regular gift to my clients and friends. I highly recommend Waking Up to Your Worth!
I don’t know if I have what it takes.
Any minute, they’ll find out that I don’t know what I’m doing.
Why did I think I could pull this off?

Imposter Syndrome is the insidious voice that strikes fear and self-doubt in our hearts, despite all the evidence that we deserve to be right where we are. When we’re caught in its grip, even our most impressive accomplishments and accolades lose their power to persuade us that we have earned our place at the table.

Imposter Syndrome is created on the outside by experiences we have and messages we receive—but healing Imposter Syndrome is an inside job.

Drawing on her personal experience of overcoming Imposter Syndrome after surviving a traumatic childhood, and her thirty years of experience as a coach and consultant, Jennifer shares powerful stories to illustrate how the Ten Touchstones can help us wake up to our worth.

When we have confidence and courage, we can live lives full of opportunity, joy, and freedom—and inspire others to do the same. In the words of activist Grace Lee Boggs, “In order to transform the world, we must transform ourselves.”

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Tim Wortham, Jr.“This book is so necessary for the countless number of us who suffer from Impostor Syndrome in silence. The beauty of this book is it is not merely an explanation of what Impostor Syndrome is — why we feel what we feel — but also, a strategy and roadmap for how we can overcome Impostor Syndrome via the Ten Touchstones. I recommend this book to all who suffer from feelings of perpetual inadequacy, a sense of not belonging, or fear of being deemed a fraud.”

Nellis Kennedy-Howard“As a Native woman and leader, I am constantly being asked “How much are you?”, and this book feels like a refreshing gift that says “You are more than enough.” I see myself in so many of Jennifer’s stories and relate to all of the emotions she describes. Jennifer’s ability to use personal vulnerability and story encourages readers to bring thoughtful intention to find one’s most authentic self. The practices in this book are simultaneously rooted in humility and confidence, and the teachings are practical and relatable–a true gift to leaders and people everywhere.”

Mare Chapman“Part memoir, part practical suggestions for overcoming Imposter Syndrome, this kind, gentle book, is about loving, healing, and accepting ourselves just as we are. Doing so is the path to freedom and the confidence of knowing that our authentic self, our true nature, is always here and always enough. This is a clear and wonderful book for anyone who suffers from the false belief that they don’t matter.”

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About Author Jennifer Wilson

Jennifer Wilson, M.A. is a transformational coach, consultant, facilitator, and educator. She courageously shares her own life experiences of overcoming a childhood affected by abuse, trauma, mental illness, and addiction to profoundly illustrate how we can learn to see who we truly are and free ourselves from self-limiting beliefs.

A lifelong advocate for the environment and people who are marginalized by systemic oppression, Jennifer has worked with thousands of youth and adults, co-founded two high schools, and consulted with world-changing organizations such as The Obama Foundation, Sierra Club, and NRDC. She has practiced mindfulness meditation for over a decade and regularly goes to the wilderness to inspire her soul.

Jennifer Wilson - author of Waking Up to Your Worth: Ten Touchstones for Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Jennifer Wilson

Author of Waking Up to Your Worth: Ten Touchstones for Overcoming Impostor Syndrome