“Working with Jennifer was a valuable experience. She instantly made me feel at ease and led me through a process which helped me find direction in my life. I would highly recommend her as a coach.”

“I did attain my goal of learning to trust the others, and I now feel more comfortable with them. I feel that I could offer my opinion at the meetings more easily now.”

“I have only high praise for your approach and practice of facilitating. I am often uncomfortable with this kind of thing and I was having a very good time, even when it got hard.”

“I loved how you processed and listened to everyone’s perspective – the true markings of an awesome team builder.”

“The most valuable lesson I learned through this coaching process was that transformation lies not in changing who I am, but in recognizing all that I am and my values. I would highly recommend New Leaf Coaching and Consulting.”

“Staff found that working with Jennifer helped them get out of the day to day work and think about the bigger concepts that will help us be a stronger and more effective organization.”