facilitation (noun);  [def] the condition
of being made easy


My role as a facilitator is to allow creativity, vision, respect, deep listening, innovation, risk-taking, and honesty to flourish within an effective process.  An effective process accomplishes what needs to be done in the time allowed with grace and ease.

A professional facilitator is there to uphold the process,
not a position.

Even if you have a talented facilitator as your leader or part of the team, there are times when you want that person to be able to join the process rather than lead it. Or, you may recognize that facilitation skill is a gap on your team.

Whatever the reason, hiring a professional facilitator makes sense from an organizational perspective. Chronically poor meetings are terribly expensive in terms of:

  • Lost wages for each “wasted” meeting hour
  • Productivity and lost opportunties
  • Low morale and disengaged employees
  • Staff turnover – loss of experience, recruiting, hiring, and training are costly

people thinking

I have facilitated many kinds of groups and work:

  • Team BuildingGroups producing a collective work such as a grant, technology plan, or other large scale product
  • Ongoing work groups or planning teams
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Staff team building days and retreats
  • Mid- and end-of-year reviews
  • Program planning
  • Mindfulness in the workplace
  • Mediation for groups in conflict
  • Critical Friends Groups
  • Outdoor retreats for youth and adults
  • Student leadership groups

Please contact me to discuss your facilitation needs. I have several outstanding partners if you require a team of facilitators. You can also view my complete client list.